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Love 6 speed manual

On a mission to review and #savethemanuals

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The Story

About 10 years ago...

People with too much bloody money were buying supercars with automatic transmissions in fear knowing they could not tame the beast.

As such, manufactures like Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, and others discontinued manual transmission cars! Yes, I'm mortified too.


I'm here to change that by reviewing and evangelizing 3 pedal monsters... or Gen Z and Millennial anti-theft devices. ;-)

six-speed g

This started with a love for sports cars at a young age. When I was five I had posters of the Porsche 959 and Lamborghini Countach on my wall, but mine was red, not white like Don Johnson's. I've been driving stick shift cars for over 20 years and nothing beats it. What people don't understand is that the manual gearbox is much better at transferring power from the engine to your wheels and giving you the ability to accelerate at a faster pace. I don't care if your PDK technically gets it done "faster," Mario don't @ me bro! Manual transmissions also help you command the car when slowing down (via a downshift) to pull into a corner with precision. This love dates back to Sr.'s Alfa Romeo collection, a few Mini Coopers, Porsches, all topped off with a Toyota Supra. Believe me, It's also easy to find beauty in manual transmission Jeeps, G Wagons, and some crossovers and hatchbacks as well.


I will be touring the French Riviera on an adrenaline odyssey, so be sure to follow, comment, and like my socials to stick with it. I'll kick things off with a layover in Germany, where I will have 8 hours to take a 6 speed BMW 3-series down the Autobahn to Stuttgart in order to see the Porsche 911 factory and museum. I will be at the next two Formula 1 races (F1 2023) on the calendar at historic Monaco and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalyuna. I guess we'll need a car to make that happen, so it's got to be a Mercedes C-Class stick shift to get us there. It would be epic if Scuderia Ferrari could win these races, but I'll keep it to one miracle crusade for now. 

You're beautiful, let's savethemanuals. 

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